Be Your Own Cheerleader

If we’re lucky and fortunate, we’ll have a marching band, cheerleaders and fans giving us encouragement everywhere we go. We’ll step out into the world with huge confidence that everything is alright and we can take on anything. On a sponsored a fire-walk the main emphasis of the training is on getting your blood pumpingContinue reading “Be Your Own Cheerleader”

Public Health Wales Presenting

I am not one to shy away from public speaking, in fact, I love it. Until recently I’ve been armed with a research team to help me collate data on the impact of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) training by a fully fledged research team run by doctors and far cleverer people than I am.Continue reading “Public Health Wales Presenting”

The Sunday Times Article: Boris Johnson and the government

If you haven’t read this article about the mystery that was the governments plan to tackle Corona Virus in the month of February you need to. The failings of the government during this time are ridiculous. Had there been a quicker response to what was unfolding around the globe the death toll in theContinue reading “The Sunday Times Article: Boris Johnson and the government”