Public Health Wales Presenting

I am not one to shy away from public speaking, in fact, I love it.

Until recently I’ve been armed with a research team to help me collate data on the impact of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) training by a fully fledged research team run by doctors and far cleverer people than I am. They were also the loveliest people ever and super supportive and patient.

Collating data doesn’t really mean anything though if you can’t share it. Writing about the cold hard facts and knowing where to talk about it can be difficult. I’m really grateful that the wider organisation thrived on public dissemination and I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn when I confirm that their Public Engagement Officer role is still in tact.

In the past I’ve collected data from the numerous projects I’ve worked on and had posters submitted to conferences and more recently I’ve given speed round type lightning talks at the annual Public Health Wales conference. (Think about my Ignite Cardiff talk and you’ve got a rough idea, but more ‘proper’).

This is me presenting in 2018 talking about the first year of the ACTivate Your Life – Affected By Cancer study. That graph is showing the audience that every single marker, bar one, was going in the direction we wanted it to go in.

A year later we’d be able to show that we were successfully reducing anxiety and depression scores and increasing overall wellbeing.

That’s a future I want to continue building in my belief that everyone is extraordinary.

What’s your mission?

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