The Sunday Times Article: Boris Johnson and the government

If you haven’t read this article about the mystery that was the governments plan to tackle Corona Virus in the month of February you need to.

The failings of the government during this time are ridiculous. Had there been a quicker response to what was unfolding around the globe the death toll in the UK may have been considerably reduced and yet here we stand, at the time of writing, 15,464 deaths into a crisis.

If only we had more warning and could take more pro-active steps to prevent this becoming a disaster. If only we had a prime minister who took something like a World Health Organisation warning seriously…

Instead we had a Prime Minister spending his holiday abroad and taking his weekends off focussing on how to market his secret engagement and baby news to the world. That is what he is, a marketeer. Someone who likes the sights and sound of the media. The places it can get him and the more cash to fill his pockets. He’s a professional influencer like many others you see on Instagram and a result doesn’t know a good judgement call if it hit him in the face when it involves the safety of others. In writing this I’m reminded of Logan Paul showing recordings of dead bodies in Japan.

Neither had any thought as to how their actions would impact a wider community. Logan Paul has since admitted that his actions and the company he kept soon after that interaction has changed his outlook on life and the impact he has a social media star.

The Prime Minister was only able to contract Coronavirus himself. 

Quite rightly he is now at home, his second home, recuperating after his ordeal and the timing of this article is probably deliberate to make him come out of his recovery or at least to give airtime while he is stranded away from the limelight.

I am intrigued to see what this article does in terms of him coming clean and also how his brush with the disease has potentially altered his mindset to what has unfolded and how will aim to make good the errors his government has made.

However, the person most in the frame who should not get away lightly is Matt Hancock. The man in charge of health in this country and the man who I think has chaired more COBRA meetings than anyone else knew firsthand what was coming and did nothing. Unable or unwilling to take a stand or break away from the Brexit that was order of the day back in the early days holds him most culpable particularly in light of events over the weekend where health professionals are now donning their PPE more than once.

This is a tragedy.

The spend on Brexit, austerity measures and arrogance led to a complete under-equipped NHS and completely out of practice on how to respond to these kind of disasters. And indeed, it wasn’t even a natural virus they were concerned for, but a terrorist biological threat. We wouldn’t have even been prepared for this.

Matt Hancock takes to that podium knowing he should have done more sooner and now he sends badges to staff. 

And yet, public sentiment is that Boris is doing a good job. How has this happened? I can’t help but think that efforts to create a problem to solve the problem have been employed. Apple have been doing it for years ‘here’s our brand new phone! Oh, but by the way your existing charger cable won’t work’ type of thing.

I’d hate to think that this was the ploy with the government to highlight what good he was doing in running this, despite our deaths being second only to the USA as it stands, and where you have countries who have only now gotten into double figures as they took action immediately. New Zealand being high on that list.

But with Dominic Cummings running a marketing show and showing Boris as this wonderful influencer, is it so hard to fathom that this did put an end to Brexit ‘moaners’, and that it gave Boris the opportunity to come back from holiday and sort this yucky mess out, including the flooding that he had very little to do with, and that he contracted it himself and rose on Easter Sunday as he is the almighty defeater of this horrible beast yada yada yada. It’s all story book stuff and they love that because they’ve never really wanted to be in the business of politics of looking after people, the normal everyday citizens. It reminds me of the Eddie Murphy film, Trading Places. Let’s see what can be done over a gentleman’s bet. How many people will die? Not enough to cause major catastrophe to the economy, let’s do it!

It’s gross and sick.

Reading of deaths on Facebook from people who I know, knowing that action could have been taken sooner is such a stomach punch to everyone who has lost someone needlessly.

Absolute shame and shambles.

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