Be Your Own Cheerleader

If we’re lucky and fortunate, we’ll have a marching band, cheerleaders and fans giving us encouragement everywhere we go.

We’ll step out into the world with huge confidence that everything is alright and we can take on anything.

On a sponsored a fire-walk the main emphasis of the training is on getting your blood pumping and having people shout and scream words of encouragement to you – similar to that of sports fans at an event.

But what if we don’t have sports fans cheering us on?

This is when we become our own sports fans! We cheer the loudest for ourselves and we get our blood pumping and we do the things that make us happy anyway!

Or anything that needs to be done that we’re not quite comfortable, not necessarily as extreme as fire-walking, but you could if you wanted!

It’s putting yourself out there knowing you might fail but enjoying the process anyway. This is where we learn and grow and fundamentally learn happiness. In the pursuit of learning.

If you want to be happy – shout to yourself how great you are and learn something new, whatever that may be!


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