Be Your Own Cheerleader

If we’re lucky and fortunate, we’ll have a marching band, cheerleaders and fans giving us encouragement everywhere we go. We’ll step out into the world with huge confidence that everything is alright and we can take on anything. On a sponsored a fire-walk the main emphasis of the training is on getting your blood pumpingContinue reading “Be Your Own Cheerleader”

Our true feelings

We all hold the answers inside of us. Sometimes though we need a little help having that conversation with ourselves. We’re so used to superficial answers to questions that we never truly think about our wants or desires. We go along with the norm and allow ourselves to be happy with the answer we’ve justContinue reading “Our true feelings”

Love, Don’t Hate

I strongly believe that we are all created equal. That we each have skills in abundance and compliment each other on this planet. We don’t have the same skills to the same levels and we live our own intricate, delicate, special lives that makes being here all the more extraordinary. We are not here toContinue reading “Love, Don’t Hate”