Be Your Own Cheerleader

If we’re lucky and fortunate, we’ll have a marching band, cheerleaders and fans giving us encouragement everywhere we go. We’ll step out into the world with huge confidence that everything is alright and we can take on anything. On a sponsored a fire-walk the main emphasis of the training is on getting your blood pumpingContinue reading “Be Your Own Cheerleader”

Describing Unwanted Thoughts

How many overwhelming thoughts are you getting at the moment? How are you interacting with these thoughts? It can sometimes feel natural to want to fight these unwelcome thoughts, shout and scream at them! Does this help? Or does it just spoil your day? The next time you get an unwelcome thought I would likeContinue reading “Describing Unwanted Thoughts”

A Quick Breathing Exercise

This evening, if you’re still feeling a little restless from your day, or with everything that is going on in the world, I want you to take five or ten minutes just to slow down a little bit. Get into a comfortable position. Back as straight as it will go. Rest your hands on yourContinue reading “A Quick Breathing Exercise”