Our true feelings

We all hold the answers inside of us.

Sometimes though we need a little help having that conversation with ourselves.

We’re so used to superficial answers to questions that we never truly think about our wants or desires. We go along with the norm and allow ourselves to be happy with the answer we’ve just given.

But what would happen if we actually looked deeper and gave honest, true accounts of how we were feeling and what our goals were.

Would we acknowledge our feelings?
Would we be true to them?
Would we take action to do the right thing by our feelings?

Our individual worlds are governed by head and our heart. With logic, routine and consistency, our head takes over and our feelings are shunted.

Dig deeper for the right answer, not just the easy answer.

Need someone to talk to you to identify your true feelings and take actions, you know where I am.

What would your true feelings tell you about your life?


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