Love, Don’t Hate

I strongly believe that we are all created equal.

That we each have skills in abundance and compliment each other on this planet.

We don’t have the same skills to the same levels and we live our own intricate, delicate, special lives that makes being here all the more extraordinary.

We are not here to hate.

If there is hate or anger, there is something underneath that causes bad feelings to come out of your mouth. This is not the fault of the individual.

We all have a responsibility to lift each other up and out of hate. The biggest responsibility resting on our own shoulders to lift ourselves out of hate.

When we recognise pain that we are causing we say sorry and we change our actions.

To some, this means changing a whole lifetime of oppressed feelings and hurt.

But it’s worth it. Not just for those around you, but for you as an individual.

Love yourself and every good and bad thing that has happened to you. You are a remarkable human being just as you.

You are extraordinary.

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