Self Esteem – who’s supporting you?


It’s something that we’re all aware of. Can often be confused with ego if we have too much of it.

It challenges us at every step we take, and gets louder the more steps away from our comfort zone we travel.

It’s a catch 22 in some regards as we need to stay humble and grounded to ensure we don’t get too big for our boots but at the same time we can’t let that humility drag us down to think, ‘what’s the point when there are others who are clearly better than I am?’

It’s a fine balance that must be struck.

The best ways to keep that balance in check is by keeping a community of people who hold you accountable while also understand and support you. They tease out your greatness.

If you’re not surrounded by these people achieving your dreams will be more difficult. Not impossible, but harder.

We echo and mimic those around us so if those around you are not building you up, your self esteem will slowly lower it’s opinion of yourself too.

You have options though:

  1. Curate a new supporter group through shared interests
  2. Hire someone to help you work toward your goals and keep you accountable while reminding you how awesome you are.

We need to look after ourselves when we’re working towards our dreams and goals.

Don’t do it alone.

Is your self-esteem well supported?

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