Urge Surfing

Do you enjoy surfing?

You might not live by the coast but we can all take advantage of surfing when our thoughts, wants and desires start to feel like they’re taking over.

‘How?’ I hear you ask…

By riding those unwanted thoughts like the rising and falling of a wave.

When we have unwanted thoughts they feel like the biggest thing in the world and we have no hope of ever getting rid of the sensation. However, even though a thought or a craving may feel like it has the strength of the entire ocean behind it, like a wave that builds and builds, that wave will fold over and break coming to rest and lapping on the shore.

Our thoughts do this. They build from nothing, growing ever bigger and bigger until we give in and cave to the thought. But what if we held on for a little longer, and allowed ourself to ride that wave until we end back on the shore – the thought or craving being a mere memory and having no impact on us at all.

What regular thoughts do you get that you can now surf over till the thought is no more?


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