Crows Feet

Laughter is universally the best medicine but it comes with a catch; crows feet… While many people do all they can to rid themselves of the ‘wrinkles’ around their eyes, I would encourage a different approach. Embracing them for all that they are. Proof that you lived a life full of laughter, smiles and joy.Continue reading “Crows Feet”

Public Health Wales Presenting

I am not one to shy away from public speaking, in fact, I love it. Until recently I’ve been armed with a research team to help me collate data on the impact of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) training by a fully fledged research team run by doctors and far cleverer people than I am.Continue reading “Public Health Wales Presenting”


What can ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) tell us about the situation we’re currently in? The situation we’re currently in will be okay for some of us. We may have gone through an adjustment period and now we’re feeling better able to take on the coming weeks and beyond, whatever they through to us. TheContinue reading “Acceptance”