Crows Feet

Laughter is universally the best medicine but it comes with a catch; crows feet…

While many people do all they can to rid themselves of the ‘wrinkles’ around their eyes, I would encourage a different approach. Embracing them for all that they are. Proof that you lived a life full of laughter, smiles and joy.

Finding joy is a skill we all possess. It does come more naturally to some people than others but we all have the ability to find it, feel it and embrace it.

I shared a quote the other day along the lines of ‘look for the good, and the good gets better’, and I believe this to be true. Where we set our sights is our destination. If you want to find humour we will find it, if we want to find negativity we will find that too. What many of don’t realise is that through a lifetime of pre-conditioning some of us don’t believe that positivity and joy are real things. They are a thing of happy endings in books and what happen to other people.

But they do happen to you too. You just need to look for it.

If you’d don’t have crows feet now, what will you do to get them?
For those of who do have them, who or what gave them to you?


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