Be More You

Be more you. That’s what I want for people. I want everyone to wake up and unashamedly be themselves. Casting off the judgement of others and living in peace with themselves. Taking action to lead a life that they live. I want to use my experiences of helping people overcome life limiting health conditions toContinue reading “Be More You”

Hello! An Introduction

Hello! Welcome to old and new followers to the HelloTomDyer page! As we’ve had an influx of new people this week (because I got over myself and actually invited people to like the page) I thought now would be a good time to introduce myself. As you may have guessed from the website name, IContinue reading “Hello! An Introduction”

I Accept | Why Clothing?

If you’ve spent some time looking through these blogs and the website as a whole, or taking the time to check out my Facebook Live’s you’ll see that I adorn myself in I Accept clothing. First of all you may be thinking, what is I Accept? It is my mantra for life, along with ‘everythingContinue reading “I Accept | Why Clothing?”