You Can Do What You Want

“I can do what I want.”

The truth is, we all can. And we should exercise it whenever we need to.

But with that power to do anything we want comes the responsibility and accountability of our actions too. This is often forgotten about when we walk and talk through our lives.

I’m advocate for doing what it is important for you, and this may sometimes cause pain and hurt. But I like to think that this is a mitigated risk and reduced to very few people.

When our actions start impacting a wide range number of people, and contravention of laws, that’s when we need to look larger than ourselves.

We are our own universe, but we share a common space with other universes.

When a single star in a universe collides with another star a black hole is formed and the gravitational pull is enough to destroy the entire galactic system.

If we keep our actions unaccountable and we collide with another star we’ll create our own black hole of shame and anger, things we don’t need to get involved in.

Protect your star, live your life, reduce the number of collisions with other stars either be accident or maliciously. Mitigate pain and think of others on your course to live your life.

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