Change Your Perspective

How many of us waking up thinking “this is just another day?” It’s an easy default mode to wake up to. But what are we doing about it? Are you actively shaking that mindset out of your psyche or do you let it fester in your mind and let it tarnish every great moment thatContinue reading “Change Your Perspective”

Sleeping on Life

Today on Cuppa’ Tea we had a proper good old catch up following the weekend and ended covering a lot of themes! Some that stick out to me were preparing for Welcome Wednesday, with Chrissie, @The_Inspire_Coach on Instagram, who’s going to talk with about Imposter Syndrome, and the return of Josh and Jessie next weekContinue reading “Sleeping on Life”

Why I Do What I Do

“Because of you I don’t have any new scars” The benefit of knowing what your own rock bottom feels like is that you can use your insight and experience, with a little structure from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to really help other people. I will never know what your individual circumstances and thoughts feelContinue reading “Why I Do What I Do”