Change Your Perspective

How many of us waking up thinking “this is just another day?”

It’s an easy default mode to wake up to. But what are we doing about it? Are you actively shaking that mindset out of your psyche or do you let it fester in your mind and let it tarnish every great moment that happens to you each day?

“But I don’t have many good moments during the day”

Are you sure? Are you looking at the right things? Or you comparing your present situation to a life that doesn’t exist yet? Are you even aware of what you want from your future life yet?

How can you celebrate your everyday to help you get to where you want to go? You celebrate everything you possibly can.

If we get bored of the everyday and everything just becomes expected and we drain our energy on things that bring us down, including thinking about things that bring our mood down – how can we possibly get out of the rut?

I shared a post the other day regarding a walk with my niece which was very well received because I broke down how something as simple as a walk contained so many positive things.

All we had to do was look for it.

In a Cuppa Tea with Tom & Abz episode i coined the phrase, ‘Look for the WHEEEYYYY, and not the woe in each day’.

What do you think you’ll find by shifting your perspective to look for the good things?

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