Sleeping on Life

Today on Cuppa’ Tea we had a proper good old catch up following the weekend and ended covering a lot of themes!

Some that stick out to me were preparing for Welcome Wednesday, with Chrissie, @The_Inspire_Coach on Instagram, who’s going to talk with about Imposter Syndrome, and the return of Josh and Jessie next week talking about Power. I’ve also been enquiring for more guests to join us on a Wednesday too so watch this space.

If there are people or types of information you would like more information from please let me know and I’ll be sure to do my best to get relevant guests on the show! How exciting.

We also talked about money and feeling a little guilty for those of not obliged to contribute anything at the moment and more importantly the power of the Budget Sheet to really identify where your money is going!

And the other theme that has stuck out to me is people sleeping through life and waiting for lockdown and Coronavirus to disappear.

That is tempting. I get it! I’ve used the falling asleep method a lot! But I’m living through this time and arguably putting more into my life while I get the opportunity to live my life this way. What a blessing it is.

Live for the moment you’re in, while planning for the future. This way you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Are you sleeping on life at the moment?

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