I Accept original T-Shirt – Proud

I retrieved some of my old clothes from lockdown and I put this T-shirt back on for the first time in ages!

It’s the original design, ‘I Accept’ T-Shirt.

I felt really proud putting it on over my head, it was the first ever item I bought along with the I Accept Hoody and mug [which my mum still has]. I remember how proud she was when it was delivered.

It represented a version of me that actually took action in realising a dream, to share my desire with the world that through acceptance, we can really overcome any setback or challenge that we find ourself in, and take action to get to where we want to be.

Be proud of where you and who are today.

Overcoming the challenge is within your grasp.

What challenge will you be overcoming?

I Accept Unisex Fine Jersey T-Shirt


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