Simple Content Cards

Inside scoop!

This week I have posted more on this page then I ever have done in a week. Not only because of the lives and the roundup quote that follows them, but also with a morning and evening post that I’ve added as well.

You may know from watching the live show that I have a lot to say about things! However, when I sit down and try and plan out what to write for the week, or even just the day I’m in I get a little stumped.

This little card deck in the picture by JoJo Graham has been my inspiration in getting all of the other stories out of my brain, onto the Page and onto your newsfeed.

I work best with prompts and these cards provide that structure for me, and hopefully what I write resonates with you.

An example of this card in action is the post this week re-introducing myself. I would not have written that as a standalone piece for you this week but what the card says, I must do! It makes me far more efficient. That post led to enquiries related to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and what my offer is – and I wouldn’t have written it had not been for this deck!

What hacks do you have in place that help you day by day?

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