Hello! An Introduction

Hello! Welcome to old and new followers to the HelloTomDyer page! As we’ve had an influx of new people this week (because I got over myself and actually invited people to like the page) I thought now would be a good time to introduce myself. As you may have guessed from the website name, IContinue reading “Hello! An Introduction”

Thank You NHS & Key Workers

Thank you NHS and Key Workers – All proceeds to NHS Charities, and mental health charity, Mind! COVID-19 has created untold damage to our everyday, familiar lives. That is why I have used the rainbow and the I Accept logo to thank the NHS and Key Workers to give a little back to the NHSContinue reading “Thank You NHS & Key Workers”

I Accept | Why Clothing?

If you’ve spent some time looking through these blogs and the website as a whole, or taking the time to check out my Facebook Live’s you’ll see that I adorn myself in I Accept clothing. First of all you may be thinking, what is I Accept? It is my mantra for life, along with ‘everythingContinue reading “I Accept | Why Clothing?”