I Accept | Why Clothing?

If you’ve spent some time looking through these blogs and the website as a whole, or taking the time to check out my Facebook Live’s you’ll see that I adorn myself in I Accept clothing.

First of all you may be thinking, what is I Accept?

It is my mantra for life, along with ‘everything that happens to me is the best thing that could happen to me’ from the book, Zen and the Art of Happiness. This quote and I Accept go hand in hand.

How I hear you ask? Simple, just because something that is the best thing that could happen to you doesn’t mean it’s not going to be uncomfortable or painful. Some of the best things that have happened to me have arguably been the most painful things that could have happened to me! And yet here I am writing these regular blog posts sharing my experiences with other people and feeling more enlightened and at peace than I ever would have otherwise.

So why clothing? We wear it all the time!

If I’m in the middle of a situation which is testing me, or there are thoughts I can’t shake, I can immediately remind myself of acceptance. I can embrace these situations and thoughts and welcome them an old friend. I can look down and see that phrase and know immediately that I am larger than any thought or feeling I’m having.

I am the sky, and those thoughts are just the weather. I can hold it all.

Once grounded in this place I can then look at moving forward with commitment. I can distinguish what is more important to me and move in that direction, with the unhelpful thoughts and feelings. I don’t need to push them away, they can just float along with me. 

They might be noisy and get in the way from time to time but they can never touch me. They cannot steer my actions away from what I have determined I need to do.

I Accept on my clothing reminds me every day that I can carry those thoughts and feelings through everything I do. So I do whatever I want with them.

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