Grow Back into Myself

Isn’t it funny how when we get older we stop wishing for change, despite being young wishing we were older so we could more things?

I had Tallulah join me for much of the show today and having listened to Jay Shetty podcast this morning with Ed Mylett who explained that each year is another year to learn and develop and be a slightly older version of yourself.

There were so many quotes to pick from in the this episode but Tallulah picked this one which semi goes against the narrative but also beautifully shows that growing up and learning new things also allows to look back and reflect on what we do like so we can grow back to certain things too.
We don’t have to hold on to versions of us we know isn’t truly us.

We are unique and fabulous each and everyday, especially when we use our awareness to really show who we are.

Keep seeking new experiences, be a full time experience seeker, but don’t feel compelled to conform with the new version of you. We can change our mind everyday.

What have you learnt about yourself that you’re happy to go back to?

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