I know that talking business is always want we want to be doing and with working from home being the norm at the moment mixing business with pleasure may not be what we want to be thinking about…

However, taking some time to consider where you are and where you want to be in your personal life may actually benefit both your personal and work life.During Cuppa’ Tea with Tom & Abz today I made a throwaway comment about taking minutes and was told that that was very 90s of me as actions are king at the moment.

This was taken one step further and we were introduced to the RAID model of business meetings.Risks, Actions, Issues, Decisions.

These types of issues are highlighted often in business meetings but how often do we talk about our personal objectives and, the risks, actions, issues and decisions we make in obtaining the objective.

Knowing your outcome, your objectives is key to actually finding clarity in your life. This visualisation of what you want to achieve is the golden star that all of your decisions will be based upon, making your decisions easier to make.

Once you know your golden star you can start identifying risks, actions and issues that may arise on your journey to that start. The journey is the best bit remember so don’t get too downhearted about any issues that arise yet – you may find you enjoy them more than the outcome. Once all of this has been considered you can make a decision and take another action, even just a tiny step in the right direction toward your star.

Others may not agree with you, but if you identify this in your risks, you can already brace yourself against any naysayers and in action you can surround yourself with skilled people who are already at the star, and / or, find people who will support you on your journey. Making you more able to complete the task at hand! Have fun on that journey to the star! ⭐️🌟✨

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