Loneliness Awareness Week

This week is #lonelinessawarenessweek and although the chap in this picture covering his face doesn’t look the most welcoming as you can’t see his smile, written all over the face covering is ‘Hello’.

I attended the Campaign to End Loneliness conference a couple of years ago and got to listen to Dr Vivek Murthy talk about the impact of loneliness in this world.

It is properly scary how being lonely can adversely affect our mental and physical health.

The last 12 weeks of lockdown in the UK has caused many people to feel lonely, some for maybe the first time.

In England it is recommended that people wear face coverings for public transport and a similar plan is being introduced in Wales, albeit with triple layered masks as a recommendation.

The ‘Hello’ range will be rolled out this week to encourage people to talk to each other from behind the masks. Let’s make an effort to keep engaged with our neighbours in our communities.

If you’re having difficulty knowing how to start just pick up the phone and reach out to anyone, even if it feels clunky or awkward.

If you need a helping hand or are struggling with feelings or loneliness reach out.

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