Char – Black in the UK – A perceived threat

Today on Cuppa’ Tea, Char joined us for the second time after her invitation to answer any questions anyone from the DyeHard community wanted her perspective of – completely free of judgement.

We got to understand her upbringing and the constant thoughts she has going through her mind about the level of her Blackness and how this is perceived in society.

The paranoia that goes along with that is exhausting and constantly being reminded that there has been a narrative in this country that, depending on what she is dressed like, or sounds like, that she immediately a person not worth spending time or being around for fear of something bad happening.

Char also provided her opinion on the removal of statues and Hannah G commented that “History and monuments are two different things!”

I agree!

The important aspect in this narrative is that that decision comes from the top. The statutes should be removed by the authorities to show that what they stand for is not acceptable. Images of “Black and white lefties” ripping down statues is not going to progress an overall movement.

We still had loads of questions left over so Char is coming back in a week or two to talk to us again about her experiences in the future.

Watch this space (and also todays video!)


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