Never forget to laugh

Today on Cuppa’ Tea we had a really good fun! Everyone was laughing along as we talked about food of all things!

The world we all live in has been under so much pressure that sometimes we just need to be silly and laugh. I hope that we all created that environment today.

The ability to laugh with others and ourselves is the tonic we all need in times that grind us down. Laughing literally lifts us up and benefits our mood and physical health.

We’re all doctors to each other!

We smashed the record on number of the comments for Cuppa’ Tea with over 300 comments in less than 40 minutes! Wow! The sense of community in this group is phenomenal and I’m so proud that we can all get together and have a laugh in the middle of what is a tense world.

Here were some other quotes I picked out:

“Thanks for all the laughs … you’re tonics ❤️❤️❤️❤️ all of you” Colly D, 2020

“I’m laughing and Amelia told me to grow up and stop being silly 😂😂😂” Lauren G-E 2020

And my person favourite, from a new member of the DyeHard family:

“it’s like a naughty version of being at slimming world! ahha” Hannah G 2020

Thank you each and everyone of you! ❤️❤️❤️

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