Unconscious Bias from Char: A Black Lady in the UK

Today on Welcome Wednesday we welcomed back Char for her 4th visit on the show [I think] and we talked about unconscious bias, as well as finishing up with the stereotypical and archetypal questions that people have of Black people. Char came on after my own education in watching 13th on Netflix, directed by AvaContinue reading “Unconscious Bias from Char: A Black Lady in the UK”

Char – Black in the UK – A perceived threat

Today on Cuppa’ Tea, Char joined us for the second time after her invitation to answer any questions anyone from the DyeHard community wanted her perspective of – completely free of judgement. We got to understand her upbringing and the constant thoughts she has going through her mind about the level of her Blackness andContinue reading “Char – Black in the UK – A perceived threat”

I’m not done with supporting Black Lives Matter

Last week and over the weekend the protests continued marching for Black Lives Matter, and wider than that, basic human rights for everyone. I admit, I got a little overwhelmed by it over the weekend but was comforted when I saw a Twitter thread advising [white people in particular] that this protest and action needsContinue reading “I’m not done with supporting Black Lives Matter”