Why I Do What I Do

“Because of you I don’t have any new scars”

The benefit of knowing what your own rock bottom feels like is that you can use your insight and experience, with a little structure from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to really help other people.

I will never know what your individual circumstances and thoughts feel like, but I will recognise them for what they. I will provide you with methods and examples of how you can think differently and change your relationship with your thoughts.

While leading an ACT based service for people affected by cancer we reduced anxiety and depression while also increasing wellbeing scores over the same period. With these figures staying the same or getting better as time went on beyond the initial four weeks educational course.

Not bad for a presentation on a topic that most people have never considered. They hadn’t even considered changing their relationship to their thoughts in that time either.

Fast forward to Coronavirus and there are a lot of people out there who had pre-existing anxiety who could have found this whole experience too much to cope with. Showing up everyday has helped these people and I’m given insight into the inner thoughts of people’s lives through consistent communication with people.

Even though I can’t see anyone in person at the moment the impact me and Abigail have had on the listeners has been transformative and I am honoured to be part of that learning for the listeners.

What I always remind anyone who comes to me with ‘good’ results is that it’s not actually me that did / did not do it. That was all on you. The actions speak louder than words. I may say something that resonates with you, but it’s when your anxiety starts flaring up that you have to look inside yourself, use your own strength, to surf that urge, and let the moment pass.

The community on the Facebook Page is second to none and I know that if anyone had a wobble with a plan or emotions, that the entire community will be there to pick people back up. The community is changing lives.

That’s why I do what I do.

What could you do with a transformed life?

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