I Can Do What I Want

And so can you.

Yes, this may be a break from what is expected of you.
Yes, this may also make you feel uncomfortable and potentially embarrassed.
Yes, you really can do whatever you want (within physical limitation that is).

Could you break the law? Yes. If you really wanted to.
Could you tell some friends and family exactly how they make you feel? Both good and bad? Yes. If you really wanted to.
Could you perform a sky dive? Yes. If you really wanted to!

For many years we all got so entrenched as to what we do as out ‘characters’, that is, doing what other people expect of us. We got so hemmed up in this character of ourselves that we stop living our own life and limit your actions based on other people’s perception of us. This in turn can make us feel very unhappy and even trapped.

But we seriously do have the power to stand up and fight through the discomfort and start being true to who we really are and start taking actions that reflect who we actually are.

Will other people judge us? Probably.
Will we feel embarrassed? Probably.
Will we get better at doing things we really want to do if we carry on doing the things we really want to do? Probably.

Another reason people don’t take action is because they’re worried their friends or family might turn their back on them. If they’re meant to stick around they will. And if they don’t? Acknowledge that they were part of the learning process of you becoming you and thank them for it. They don’t need to be with you for the rest of the journey. You don’t need to stifle who you are to keep others happy.

What we need to remember is that if we trap ourselves in a prison designed by those judgements around us, it is our actions that are the keys to breaking out. We really do hold all of the power. 


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