Why I love Facebook Lives

Over this pandemic you will find me on Facebook Live a lot. Look back over the HelloTomDyer page and you’ll see that I’ve gone live near enough every day.

More and more frequently joined by my sister we talk about life in general and I try and bring everything back to ACT principles and also throw in some solution focus from time to time.

Facebook live has been a game changer.

I never really knew how I would fair with going live. I do my ten minute recaps every Tuesday but they’re semi though out and have a definite beginning middle and end, however the Live’s have a beginning, sort of, maybe a theme that we can gravitate toward and not really an end.

Why is this? 

The comments, people engaging! My numbers are still very small but I love going Live either at 1pm or 6pm. I haven’t missed a work day since I made the decision to do this, which I think is now over three weeks ago!

We’ve managed to build up a lovely little community of dedicated watchers who tune in every session and contribute with their comments and in the last week we’ve seen people start commenting on other posts that are posted to.

It really is a thrill and can take some unexpected turns depending on someones point of view and comment but what is great about having that loose theme to follow is that there is always something to come back to should you be going wayward.

Should you try Facebook Live? Or any live for that matter. The answer from me is a resounding yes.

Some things that may help you on your way:

  1. Have a loose theme and something to talk about. The first few times you go live you may not get the numbers you want and they might not engage without someone else leaving the first comment. If you have something to say from beginning to end at least you’ve given something to the viewers you do have
  2. Ask plenty of questions anyway and provide prompts for people to leave comments.
  3. Relax! If you’re a seasoned pro at making wonderful little videos with heavy impact or just like taking selfies, your live show doesn’t have to look the greatest. People are watching because of you and they want to see you in real life, not just acting for a particular skit. Yes, I’ve seen some lives with fancy studios but I can assure you I’m not watching the wall behind the presenter, I’m interested in what is being said. So have what you want to say and go for it.
  4. Be consistent. My numbers over the last 28 days are numbers I’ve never seen before, which is great for such a small channel but I’m not going to belittle my 300% increase in numbers. I’m proud. I also won’t be too sad when that number plateaus either.
  5. Just press the button. I’m really proud of myself for committing to Live’s over the lockdown period and having a clear mission, similar to Joe Wicks, to provide at least a distraction every day. This has meant that even on days when I don’t feel like I’ve had much to say I’ve still pressed that Go Live button. This was particularly hard after the Easter break but we did it and it was just a short video introducing what was coming up and talking about what had happened over Easter.
  6. Have fun! Why else would you be doing it?!

I’ve missed anything out let me know!

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