My Biggest Win

My biggest win to date is bringing a team together throughout Wales to provide a mental wellness service to people affected by cancer to live a well and fulfilled life. This team was part of a two year service provided by Tenovus Cancer Care which unfortunately no longer exists was led by me and deliveredContinue reading “My Biggest Win”

Volunteering: the gateway to my present

Did you know that I owe most of what I know today from volunteering at a very young age? When I graduated with my law degree I couldn’t land on my feet with a job straight away due to the credit crash. I deferred my place for further study and headed home. At that timeContinue reading “Volunteering: the gateway to my present”

A letter to my former team: My Redundancy

Dear ACTivators! I hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe during these times. I hope that if you adjusted quickly that you’re still doing well or if now beginning to struggle that it passes quickly. And I hope that if you struggled to begin with that you’re adjusting to some sort of peace. AsContinue reading “A letter to my former team: My Redundancy”