The Couple and the Dog (originally posted in 2016)

It was a relatively quiet day with a steady flow of people on board the ManVan.  Three phone calls in relation to one client in the morning and a face to face meeting before lunch ended up taking up most of the day. The face to face client attended to see the nurse primarily. Three separate cancerContinue reading “The Couple and the Dog (originally posted in 2016)”

Conference Poster in Real Life

I mentioned in a post last week that I loved speaking in public and was showed me giving a lightning talk at Public Health Wales conference in 2018. I gave examples that posters are often provided to conferences if you can’t speak. This is an example of such an example back in my ManVan days.Continue reading “Conference Poster in Real Life”

A letter to my former team: My Redundancy

Dear ACTivators! I hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe during these times. I hope that if you adjusted quickly that you’re still doing well or if now beginning to struggle that it passes quickly. And I hope that if you struggled to begin with that you’re adjusting to some sort of peace. AsContinue reading “A letter to my former team: My Redundancy”