A letter to my former team: My Redundancy

Dear ACTivators!

I hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe during these times. I hope that if you adjusted quickly that you’re still doing well or if now beginning to struggle that it passes quickly. And I hope that if you struggled to begin with that you’re adjusting to some sort of peace.

As you should be aware by now, it has been decided that ACTivate Your Life – Affected By Cancer will not be continued by Tenovus Cancer Care. As a result, I’m being made redundant by the charity and will be leaving by the end of June.

I can’t thank each of you enough for helping me, for helping the charity, for helping people affected by cancer all over Wales come to terms with their cancer diagnosis, delivered in such an inspiring way that will stay with people for the rest of their lives.

The service would be nothing without you. I was only ever one person but with you guys we won the Team Award at the Volunteer Awards last year. I’m so proud of each of you. It wasn’t our course but we gave it life, fire and enthusiasm. We made tweaks and we genuinely helped people.

I hope that being involved with the service has helped you both mentally and practically. Those of you looking to build on skills and wanting to progress in their respective fields and study. It’s been inspiring being around you and sharing your company. As I’ve said during our trainings and emails, each and every one is unique and special. I am very honoured to have shared moments and learnt from each of you.

Here are some highlights. During the course of the service we:

·        Held two training courses

·        Trained over 60 course presenters

·        Delivered 26 sessions all over Wales

·        Forged relationships with other charities and worked closely with every health board

·        Supported over 250 people affected by cancer

·        Reduced their depression scores by 28%

·        Reduced their anxiety scores by 32%

·        Increased their wellbeing scores by 15%

That’s something to be proud of isn’t it?! We did that!

I know that my journey with helping people isn’t over. If you’ve checked out my HelloTomDyer Page you’ll see that I’m going live every day to help people get through their days with my sister. We’re going live at 1pm today in fact!

I have big plans, I’d love for you guys to be involved with that journey, as you put me on this path in the first place!

If any of you want to keep in touch with me, I’m @HelloTomDyer on all social platforms! Even TikTok (Ask the grandchildren!).

I’m hoping that when we’re able to gather somewhere social again that it would be nice to get a group of together, the following on Facebook seem keen too so it would be nice to do something with that too.

As ever, if you need anything please get in touch. I’ve missed you all so much and have just wanted to change lives with you. We’ll continue doing that on our own paths for now.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I will cherish the last two years forever. And thanks to your generosity I have a trophy to show for it, and a mug to sip out of! I hope you enjoy your mug as much as I do and it serves as a very pleasant reminder of what was an incredible thing.

Big love, and lots of hugs.

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