My Mission

I believe that we all extraordinary. Every single one of us has lived a special portion of time on this planet and we are all valuable and worthy of knowing just how special we each are.My mission is to make everyone know just how extraordinary they are! No one else has lived their life theContinue reading “My Mission”

Thank You NHS & Key Workers

Thank you NHS and Key Workers – All proceeds to NHS Charities, and mental health charity, Mind! COVID-19 has created untold damage to our everyday, familiar lives. That is why I have used the rainbow and the I Accept logo to thank the NHS and Key Workers to give a little back to the NHSContinue reading “Thank You NHS & Key Workers”

I Can Do What I Want

And so can you. Yes, this may be a break from what is expected of you.Yes, this may also make you feel uncomfortable and potentially embarrassed.Yes, you really can do whatever you want (within physical limitation that is). Could you break the law? Yes. If you really wanted to.Could you tell some friends and familyContinue reading “I Can Do What I Want”