The HelloTomDyer Show

As lockdown started I knew that the mental wellbeing of furloughed, laid off, home workers and single people would be hit hard. I too was made redundant. To help, I started my own lunchtime lockdown show on my @HelloTomDyer Facebook page with my sister, Abigail. The ethos was simple: – Provide a daily structure andContinue reading “The HelloTomDyer Show”

A letter to my former team: My Redundancy

Dear ACTivators! I hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe during these times. I hope that if you adjusted quickly that you’re still doing well or if now beginning to struggle that it passes quickly. And I hope that if you struggled to begin with that you’re adjusting to some sort of peace. AsContinue reading “A letter to my former team: My Redundancy”