I was listening to the Michael Gervais podcast with Shea Serrano this week and one of the answers to the question “it all comes down to…” was answered:

“It all comes down to grit.

It got me thinking about this week when things have changed and momentum has changed from lockdown to being let out.

I’ve found myself working this week for the first time since being made redundant. I’m traditionally a desk based, intellectual, management worker traditionally, but I’ve found myself on a building site this last week.

On Friday, I found myself holding on to a wheelbarrow driving concrete back and fore from the mixer to the foundations to lay the slab.

From the first barrow my back was hurting, blisters forming on my hands and quickly exhausted concentrating on pushing the barrow over a plank of wood to get the concrete into the foundation. This is down a tiny ramp at which point the barrow is definitely driving you! Not the other way around!

This last for three hours!

I’m still feeling the affect as I write this now. Aches, pains, blisters… I’m acutely aware that my body did something brand new over the weekend.

What has this got to do with grit, and more importantly, what’s it got to do with you?

Grit isn’t just manual labour I’ve outlined above. It’s mental tenacity too.

When pushing those barrows I wanted to stop. My body hurt. And I knew I was getting sloppy and risking an injury or damage. However, my mind was sound. It was my mind that kept me going.

Those who are completing ‘Couch to 5K’ at the minute will know exactly what I’m talking about. I had one friend explain that “I knew that it would be a physical challenge but it surprised me how much of a mental exercise it is too.”

I agree with her.

I think that most of what we do is a question of mental grit. If we’re physically sound, everything else is a mental game. How often does our mind try and talk us out of things? I’ll give you a hint, it’s a lot!

Yet, even with our mind telling us we can’t do things, we’re able to carry on. I could take another wheelbarrow to the foundations, you can keep running for another 5 minutes to get your 20 minute target. I know some people who have never run before running 20 – 30 minutes achieving their goals despite how they felt and what their mind was saying. I can guarantee that at some point on their journey they didn’t want to do it but still did it, they still achieved their goal.

We can all achieve our goals. We can all keep going. Particularly with the support from others. Such as the DyeHard community on Facebook.

If we really want to achieve something, we can. We can all dig deep, keep on fighting through the pain and the mental taunting our thoughts give us, and get to the end and achieve our goals.

It all comes down to grit.

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