What have you got to lose?

Last week on Cuppa’ Tea we had some questions come in regarding a job offer that one of the watchers has been considered for. They have already had a telephone conversation and it could spell a new direction for them in the organisation they are currently in.

They had reservations though.

This is normal though. We love what we already know. We love the sense of security this gives us. The routine and the regularity of it makes us feel safe. When opportunity comes, all of that might get shattered if you take the plunge.

The routines change. You may not like it. You may not like the new people you have to work with. You miss some of the daily practices that kept you safe in your role.

But what if the opposite is true?

You love it? The new people just get you, for who you are. They recognise your talent and your input into the team. Some of the processes come more naturally to you so your stress levels are reduced.

I love stepping into situations assuming that everything will work out okay. I almost make sure that they do because I’m so blinded by the alternative not being an option so that things have to work out okay. And if they don’t work out okay… I can step away and find something else.

We all can.

Exploring options is something I do all of the time. I like to experiment and enquire with other organisations while still feeling very content. I’m of the notion that not everything in work lasts forever so I might as well be the maker of my own change.

On some of these enquiries I’ve known early on that the role wasn’t necessarily something I wanted to go for. But I knew that meeting the people along the way would be beneficial to me. Sharing insight is part of the process and benefits both parties.

Whatever the watcher of the show thinks might happen the DyeHard community were clear that she should continue exploring the options offered to her. If they remove themselves now they have nowhere. If they go through the process they can learn so much more about themselves and the organisation and still have a say on the matter.

The final say will always be on their say-so if they want the new role or not.

Take time this week to open your eyes and consider the opportunities that present themselves to you and what you can do to explore these in the best way for you!

Explore the options! What is there to lose? 

For more reading on considering new roles or responsibilities Imposter Syndrome may play a part in the decision making. We’ve got an episode on this and and I followed up with some writing here too.
Always start your week with an intention, read about that here.


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