The Power to Look and Plan Forward

On a Monday on Cuppa Tea’ we take some time to look back over the weekend and the week just been and take some time looking forward at what we want to achieve with the next seven days ahead of us.

This is a new practice for a lot of people but it really allows us to hone in what we’re proud of and what to set our sights on for the week ahead.

If we set an intention of the week we’re far more likely to feel a sense of fulfilment and are likely to achieve what we’ve set out to do. We can prioritise and allocate time to the vision and rally others around us to achieve a goal and make it a shared goal.

When we work together we’re far more likely to hold ourself and each other accountable and share experiences to bring together the shared aim.

This in turn increases our sense of community, empathy and desire to give to others.

Sunday evenings and Monday’s are an important way of focussing our mind and our intentions to be the best person we can be.

What is your focus and intention this week?

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