Open Mindedness


It’s not a value that often gets talked about but it’s probably my most revered value.

It helps me in seeing and understanding that ay outcome is possibility and I can use my imagination to create open ended possibilities.

It also helps me when listening to the everyday expert around me.

I read an abundance of self-help books and I learn lessons in each of them because I approach each and everyone with the belief that they are the best thing I will learn.

I don’t approach anyone with any hint of cynicism and this allows me to see the greatness in everybody.

Some people call this naivety but I would rather look for the good in others and help them find their own answers without any judgement on my part.

I am not the master of your life. I can help facilitate your life through questions, a genuine interest and an open-mindedness that you will find the answers you seek, particularly if you’re asked the right questions to get there.

I can help you change your outlook to that of opportunity while still living in your world, all it takes is an open mind.

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