Easing of Restrictions

Freedom of movement is upon us here in Wales.

This is an exciting time for lots of people who have been unable to see loved ones since the middle of March. It’s also the first time we’ll be welcoming British tourists to our mountains and beaches. The economy will start showing signs of growth again and that’s a good thing on the whole.

For some people there is still not reprieve until August due to shielding and for those who are not entirely satisfied with how the restrictions are being lifted, and the behaviour of others, they will still limit who they see and how they see them.

Social distancing still exists and thats 2 metres in Wales, outdoors, unless you’re in an extended household bubble.

Today is not a full stop on the restrictions. It’s a comma, with a virus still writing its sentences for us all to see. Yes the numbers are incredibly low in Wales but people are still dying. After scenes of Soho over the weekend I wonder what the number of those affected will change to.
Why am I writing about this today?

Because we are all free to make our own choices. It is in our actions that we become who we are. However, our actions carry consequences and are either inline with the law or in contravention with the law. I don’t pass judgement on your actions and likewise I wouldn’t want others passing judgement on my actions.

We are all free to react and respond to these easing of restrictions in certain ways and we should be allowed to do these without feelings of shame or guilt attached to it. Those who are staying in or distant have their reasons and those reasons should be respected.

I’ll be talking about actions again, and how we can use them to overcome our minds negative biases. But for now, use your actions to show understanding and empathy with those around.

Change is inevitable

Today on Cuppa’ Tea we discussed a lot of things, even looking at how to make the perfect cup of tea, and how many people drink black tea with sugar!

But this quote resonated most with me and how children are coping with change and that as adults are also coming to to terms with the nature of change.

Our once very clear, relatively safe lives have been somersaulted into this era that we’re living in now.

But we’re still living it.

Things have changed. Loneliness is real and the rate of suicide has increased over the past three months. But your still here.

You are inately resilient.

You being a part of this DyeHard community also makes you resilient as you’re drawing on resources around you to keep you adapting to the change as best as possible.

There are ups and downs. Negatives and opportunities to be had.

This is the same of life regardless of what is going on in our bubble or world.

Change is inevitable.

When we truly understand that, we’ll never live life less full again.

What if we were all just human?

A friend of mine shared an except of a book he’s reading the other day and the simple message of the page and a half he shared was:

Imagine for a moment that all humans recognised each other as another human.

No religion. No countries. No job titles. No judgement.
Just humans.

Recognised as such by each and every one of us.

Last week we talked with Char about unconscious bias and how difficult it it is to spot. I see the thoughts above as a way of noticing if you’re making decisions based on unconscious bias.

If we strip back everything we think we know about the people around us. Would our decisions and reactions be different?

I’ve seen on Twitter this week the emergence of blind casting.

I assume this is similar to The Voice? Or maybe just getting rid of the requirements for roles to look like anything (which a lot don’t so I’m inclined to think the former is correct).

I like the idea behind this casting as long as it is done with an open mind. And it is this element that needs to be introduced to each and every one of us. Are we open minded when we look at the humans we share this world with?

And if we’re not, why not?

Other species of animals do fight and they set outcasts aside. They also stay in tribes. Is the globalisation of us as a species a time for us to see each other only as humans and nothing else? What difference would this make?

If we are all truly to be treated equal this concept would be hardest for one group more than others, maybe two looking at the ideology of Communist China, but Western Whites would be the ones, I feel, would have the hardest time getting to grips with this mindset.

Speaking as a white man, why is this?

This is the unconscious bias in action. It is the imagery I see around me all of the time showing white faces more likely than any other.

I’m not worried about losing a sense of status of my whiteness. As much as I am a product of privilege I want there to be equality in the world and I am at peace that certain opportunities and benefits I afford may be impacted by me lending a hand pulling others up to see me.

I still have thoughts, and white fragility type things pass my mind, but I’m grown enough to recognise this and quell those thoughts for the benefit and advancement of all humans on this planet.

This makes me proud.

What thoughts cross your mind when you think of treating of all humans as just humans?

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