You don’t have to pander to anyone.

This doesn’t mean, not be kind to them.

It means that should there be someone in or out of work who is causing a blockade and hindering you and your development, does not need to define how you conduct yourself around them.

We too eagerly start thinking about other peoples’ needs before our own, particularly if you are a natural carer type personality. We give so much of ourself to someone who doesn’t have our best interests at heart which in turn, can cause us to then have negative thoughts of ourself.

“Why was so nice to him?”
“Why did I say I would do that job, I’m already fully booked!”
“I’m annoyed that I let myself be taken advantage of again.”

We don’t need to feel this way anymore.

If there is someone who ends up making you have a hard time accepting yourself. Give yourself permission to take steps away from entertaining this person.

It won’t be easy. Your character has already been developed, and it may even hurt the first time you try and distance yourself from it. You might be shocked (negatively and positively) by their reaction. Your heart may be racing and you might feel that in letting someone else down, you’ve let yourself down.

You haven’t. Your time and your energy is not worth damaging for the sake of someone else.
Do yourself a favour.

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