Perception, Reception and Fact

I have found a list after sorting out the apps on my phone of loads of graphics and lists that I saved based on marketing and psychology. Prepare yourself to seeing all of these over the coming weeks and months (there’s quit a few!)

Firstly, I post the question, “Are you really in as much control of your thoughts than you think?”

Our brains are constantly thinking for us, on behalf of us. It’s constantly interpreting our surroundings, what we hear, what we see, and then determining how we should respond to future similar scenarios. It sounds simple, right? But how many types of information and historical data is our brain using to interpret what we should do next.

The attached graphic I found on Twitter shows a plethora of types of bias. Or, by another phrase, historical information already used to determine future decisions.

I want you to look through these biases and consider for yourself which biases are having a larger than required input on your current circumstances.

Do you need to be relying on these biases now? Ponder whether your decision making processes are equipped for your present circumstances or are you still relying on processes that have helped you in the past?

You may be surprised by what you found giving yourself a self assessment.

Let me know what you find out about yourself and how changing your biases, now you’re aware of them, will help you reach your future goals and improve your relationships.


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