The Struggle of the Calendar

Being disciplined with my time.

I’m getting better at it. My calendar has gone through more changes in the last couple of weeks then it has over the last couple of years!

This does not sit well with me as I can’t fully prioritise my work and end up having to go with the flow. This is not always a bad thing. However, for someone like me, having accountability in the form of a calendar is really important as otherwise I won’t be as productive or as efficient as I’d otherwise be.

This becomes a big problem when you have big dreams, big aspirations, and are unwavering in that commitment. It just makes everything take that little bit longer and that can drag you down a little bit.

What it has taught me is that when I am motivated, feeling fresh and on a role is that I can write, design and edit at the drop of a hat. I know I can do these things. I’m just not doing it regularly enough.

It’s taught me that my calendar isn’t currently serving me and I may benefit from a little more routine in my life. It’s also making me acutely aware that I’m not achieving my goals and being self-sufficient. This needs to change.

What have you recently struggled with and what did you learn?


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