Change is inevitable

Today on Cuppa’ Tea we discussed a lot of things, even looking at how to make the perfect cup of tea, and how many people drink black tea with sugar!

But this quote resonated most with me and how children are coping with change and that as adults are also coming to to terms with the nature of change.

Our once very clear, relatively safe lives have been somersaulted into this era that we’re living in now.

But we’re still living it.

Things have changed. Loneliness is real and the rate of suicide has increased over the past three months. But your still here.

You are inately resilient.

You being a part of this DyeHard community also makes you resilient as you’re drawing on resources around you to keep you adapting to the change as best as possible.

There are ups and downs. Negatives and opportunities to be had.

This is the same of life regardless of what is going on in our bubble or world.

Change is inevitable.

When we truly understand that, we’ll never live life less full again.

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