How Have You Felt This Week?

Have you felt flat this week?

I have, and I know a few others on social media who have been sharing similar thoughts and feelings.
Is it the change in the weather? The ongoing lockdown restrictions? The impact this is having on work and relationships? Who knows?

We may know deep down, but it’s hard to filter out the noise from the actual feelings sometimes. Particularly if there’s no one around you who you feel like you can offload onto in a safe and confidential manner.

I know that for me the last two weeks have equally gone rapidly fast while also being incredibly draining. Which surprises me as I’m usually a productive powerhouse!

Which has made the time feel that little bit tougher also.

I’m officially my own business now that my job has come to an end and that is mainly scary, but also a little daunting which has no doubt played on my mind as it will for many other people over the country who are at risk of their industries not reopening.

Yet, I remain positive. I remain in my plan to help others as this gives me strength. It gives me purpose.

I’m not being hard on myself.

I’m talking about the good and the bad feelings that I have and hearing others share their ‘heavy’ feelings, and me responding, actually pulled me out of self-lowering spiral.

Cuppa’ Tea, the show I do with my sister, and the people who watch, is the best thing I’ve done to keep me focused and engaging with others and I can’t thank everyone enough who continues to support the show and go along with ramblings and daily thoughts.

I’m proud of each and every one of us.

To maintain my morale I’ve pinpointed some things that I’ve noticed have helped me, so they may help you too.

1. Have a plan:

We don’t know when this will all be over and we can start living a life that we desire again but holding out hope for that time is what is keeping me going.

Use a vision board to visualise what you want your life to look like when it is possible and make a step by step plan of what needs to be achieved to reach it and start working toward those goals.

2. Keep talking:

Whether it is with friends or family. Whether you have a lot to say or not, keep talking with other people, regularly, even if you don’t feel like you want to. Don’t fall out of practice of listening, responding and talking to others.

We’ll need these skills even more when restrictions get lifted a little bit.

3. Find a purpose:

Or a passion project that gives you a reason to get up and go in the morning. Something to look forward to. Some people are working from home or still studying or on furlough. Regardless of which category you are in, all of these activities have been merged with home life so there is no split in your day and boundaries are being blurred.

I’ve noticed a few people talk about productivity going down and a lot of the hacks that were put in place at the beginning of restrictions are stating to waiver. Remind yourself of good working from home etiquette and find a purpose.

4. Put your phone down:

Limit intake of news. Limit interactions with social media. Enjoy the moment you’re currently in.
Sit with yourself and find out who you are.

Are you able to incorporate these into your daily routine?

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