Grateful for Chance Meetings

Today on Cuppa’ Tea I was joined by Tallulah for the first time as my co-host! Abz was off working so we called in the back-up and I think she was great.

We discussed many things from camping to hair but the theme which stuck out was that of gratitude and chance meetings.

Every single person we meet provides an opportunity to learn something new and maybe forge a friendships.

This in the wake of Abz and I joining a Zoom singing group which was the brain child of their founder member three years ago all the way back in 2017. At the time I was working for Tenovus Cancer Care as Community Development Officer (Choirs) and I was forwarded an email asking about what assistance we could give to someone wanting to set up a singing group similar to our Sing with Us Choirs… Oh, by the way, we’re in New York!

I got back in touch and provided as much information as I could and remained in contact until the present day. In those early years, the need for help and support is paramount to the success of anything and I gave that sense of support and duty, that they were doing the right thing.

I had to email that person before leaving Tenovus that I was going but I would love to keep in contact. The result, they follow this page and we had the pleasure of singing via Zoom with their singing group.

I was brimming with pride knowing that I helped bring those people together, and that through this Page, I have been able to bring even more people together.

“The support from you guys is amazing and my days are much better for joining this amazing community ❤️❤️ xxx” Lauren G-E 2020

I’m proud that each and every one of us took the leap to join in and interact with each other and the positive impact this has had on all of our moods.

I’m grateful for each and everyone of and the chance that brought us all together.

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