Our brain is remarkable. Yet we barely know how it works.

Our brains function is to keep us alive. It does this by reading external and internal signals and making sure that we are as safe as can be.

Back in the day, and I mean way back, the brains primary function was to gather food and keep predators at bay. You wouldn’t want to get caught with your loin clothe by your ankles with a bear around the corner.

As a result, humans developed caution, and more advanced, pattern recognition and vision.
All of a sudden we could predict and visualise things, plan and think about our little hunter gatherer family. But should danger strike, our whole body could change and we’d be alert to either run away or stand and fight.

These instincts still live in us today. We don’t have the same dangers we had before on a regular basis such as being eaten alive. But we do have bullies, bosses, other people around who could all be threats if we perceive them to be.

Social media, for some of us, has us on high alert all of the time, worrying about comparison and how unfunny or not pretty we are to others. This constant stream of stress is not letting us rest so our bodies are always in flight or fright mode when we no longer have a meaningful use for it.

We need to carve some time out to properly relax. Get the balance of hormones correct in our system and save the flight or fright for a real life terrifying situation, which hopefully won’t be running away from bears! 🐻


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