Lets Get Mental

Mental health is important. It’s also all over the media at the moment which you may think may help. But this might also be incredibly daunting for anyone who is not in an environment where they can openly talk about their mental health needs.

Tom Dyer with #LetsGetMental

That’s why it’s so important that organisations like @letsgetmental_ are important to provide links and information to people who need to know that it’s okay to talk.

My own story saw me have great difficulty with work, home and relationship troubles. I was very fortunate despite all of these crumbling down in the space of three months in that I had a family I could fall back on and a GP who was very understanding.

I had also spent years working in close proximity with a humanistic psychotherapist who fundamentally changed my outlook on life and helped me rationalise what was going on. The last straw was my car getting broken into!

Fast forward nearly three years and I’ve led my own mental service for a cancer charity, got back on stage and am looking to the future where I can better support more people.

This is why I created I Accept, my way of showing people that I am flawed, just like everyone else and there’s things out of my control, but I accept them and move toward my preferred future using Acceptance and Commitment and Therapy (ACT) and Solution Focus Approach.

It’s still hard some days, uncertainty feels constant. But I know what I’m aiming for and have a group of people I can talk to.

Please talk. The weight it lifts is amazing. – #IAccept


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