Earlier this year the project I work on, The ManVan, with Movember and Prostate Cancer UK celebrated its first birthday.

I has been an interesting year in many ways. It is very difficulty to launch a project from scratch; I will tell you that. It has had it’s fair share of ups and downs, but as we enter the second quarter of year two I can confidently say it has more ups than downs.

I get to work with a small team, and although there has been driver and admin changes, the advice team has remained the same. Galvanised by targets we have been able to assist each other in assisting men affected by cancer. It has been a real privilage working with them and meeting men from around Wales; we are all so very similar in a young at heart, never grow old, mentality. It was really given me no worries about aging. It is purely a number.

(As I type this the quote “we dont grow old because we dance, we grow old because we stop dancing” pops up on Facebook. As well as someone ‘liking a comment I made in 2010 – random)

Anyway. Men of Wales are a fantastic breed of optomism and anecdotes. Although our only link is a cancer diagnosis, the Van is seldom a place of woe. It is usually full of laughter and semi-ppropriate phrases and stories.

On a personal note I have raised over £300,000 to men and their families affected by cancer by way of application filling and attending appeal tribunals with patients.

I have really enjoyed the entire experience, good and bad, has armed me for life and I can’t thank my crew mates enough for that. Thank you PPD in particular with a mention to DJNJAM.


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