“… Well, I hope you vote the right way!”

The parting words of a very pleasant chap in labour colours knocking on my door. I’ve never been subject to a doorstep chat with a politician before and this one was brief. Being raised in rural west Wales means that politicians don’t come to the small towns. The area is massive and I imagine Mr Crabb would have focused on the larger towns when he was vying for votes. Not that he needs to in that area.

I’m at a friends house when I answer the door so am not in my own constituency at present. His words were worthless. I did take his poster with the candidates name on, just in the case homeowner does want to visually support he candidate; some people around here have signs the size of houses in their garden, ideally placed at busy crossroads with traffic lights making it impossible not to notice who I should vote for while sat riding the clutch.

But why should I?

These placards tell me nothing  about what the local candidate can do for my area. I don’t know what impact having any Parliamentary candidate will have on my day to day goings on. I understand that the main party candidates will have a type of ethos and mentality and in theory are an extension of their leaders and what goes on in Westminster. But, what about, my town. What about someone being my voice. Will someone ever be my voice?

With this years election being so close in  the polls we will be in a similar position, if the not the same position, as we were 5 years ago. No outright leader for the majority of the nation and bickering between a superior and lesser cabinet holder. How would that reflect on my everyday life, again?

Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited for this election. I like that it is going to be close. But is a good spectacle good for us? I’m registered to vote and having been sharing the link to try and get as much participation as possible. Yes, there are people that will not vote and will not register to vote, I don’t mind. But why do I feel so disconnected to government at this time? Is it that in this manifesto season all candidates are salesmen? There are more than triple number of politicians running around the place. Placards are everywhere (although I was expecting more) but I don’t feel that pomp and necessity to vote.

I’m voting because I want to. I don’t know who I’m voting for and I’m not a massive fan of first past the post, but I feel a sense of duty to do so. From a legal perspective and welfare rights advisor I know the implication the policy and lawmakers can have on millions of people, but, I’m not voting for that; I’m voting for a local MP. Yet, I don’t know anything about my local MP, just a name, and what’s in a name?

I didn’t watch all of the leaders debates. The ITV one I did happen to watch was enjoyable. In my view Nicola Sturgeon has been consistent and cool throughout. She is straight talking and can rely on what the Scottish Parliament have achieved for facts. That is my snap shot view.

I feel that Nigel let himself down. I happened to see him on Loose Woman a while back and was impressed by his charisma and real life aspect of him. If he had stayed on that vein throughout the debate, I believe he would have made him self more of a threat. Leaving the EU is about more than migrants.

My Welsh compatriot  put in a good innings and was focused to Wales.

Bennett – good talker, no plan to back it up.

Ed and David – what you would expect. Ed with everything to gain, David defending a record of government he has had to share. Ed, just because the camera is there does not mean you can  stare me down!

Nick – If you are on a platform as Deputy Prime Minister – Don’t just at your ‘team mate’. Highlight what more you can do. Opportunity missed.

I didn’t intend to rank them all, it seems fair though.

I don’t know who I will vote for, I’m new to the area, and I may be voting by proxy which will be new.

If you have registered, don’t just use it to improve your credit rating, use it to shape the next Parliament. Get to know your candidates; what can they do for you? Don’t regret not voting. Vote the right way… for you.


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